Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

3 Malam, 3 Cerita

Bird Song

I remember everything
Every joy and pain
Every hurts and tears
Every rain spots on the window

They're watching us
Walking down to easy winter evening
That's all going wet

We always love the moment
Just sat and watching the sun goes down
Surrounded by cludy and foggy air
Just both of us

Where are you now?
I'm just an empty glass spilled nowhere
I could only hear birds singing
A sad song, that everlasted, unselfish, and endless

March 16, 2009, Jakarta


Another Kind of You

Everyone can go
Everything will leave
Only desire still remain
Keeping silences in reminiscing place
Where do i find you?

Is that you blinking with the stars?
Or just blended away by the wind?
I cound only hear a whisper
Saying, i'll always be with you, by breathing your name

March 16, 2009, Jakarta


Titip Rindu buat Ibu*)

Rembulan merah mengambang
Langit Cikampek malam hari
Angin kemarau mengalun terbang
Hantarkan hasrat mimpi kembali

Debur rindu bawa kelam
Sejuta rindu bawa mimpi
Desiran ingin bakar malam
Jatiluhur terpatri sepi

Ibu... Si Anak meradang
Dalam sedu gemuruh hati
Ibu... anakmu pulang
Remuk redam hati terobati

Jakarta, 12 Agustus 2009

*) Sama dengan judul novel Novia Syahidah, Titip Rindu buat Ibu

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