Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

Heart To Heart

Long time no write here. After 2013 was closed with the hilarious Song of The Year, lets this 2014 starts with another good sounds. Last weekend, i just bought a new CD. It's Raisa's newest album, Heart To Heart.

First impression about this album is she did i great a the cover. I mean, look at her eyes, she looks into you. Unlike her first album where she put her eyes into something elsewhere. And like any normal guy, come step on it, you'll gonna love it.

Raisa put her voice into another level. If her first self-titled album consist of her exploration (on musical, voice, sounds, etc) this Heart To Heart is an improvement from what she did before. She brings her trademark. One song will remind you to Joss Stone, if i may add.

I love the music on 'Bersinar', easy listening song beside 'Pemeran Utama' which now airing in so many radios. Also, there's a bonus track inside. A previously famous 'Mantan Terindah' from Kahitna. She was involved in Yovie and Friends show last September and appointed to repackage this heartbreaking song.

Overall, now you have an option to enjoy how the music should make you feel. It will lead you to an unexpected journey, with Raisa of course.

Bogor, 9 Januari 2014

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